Sanctuary of Montserrat

Sanctuary of Montserrat

Arcadi Pla i Masmiquel
Barcelona, Spain

Special Ulma Drainage Solution in the Sanctuary of Montserrat

ULMA Architectural Solutions como Fabricantes

ULMA has developed a special drainage solution for remodelling the entrance square of the emblematic Sanctuary of Montserrat in Barcelona. There are three squares at different elevations, connected to each other and serving as the anteroom to the Basilica.

The project was shaped by different rows of U100.10R channel with a GR100UOC slotted grating. They were arranged in perpendicular shape in relation to each other with the shape of a grid. The biggest problem was to solve the knots where the two rows intersected. The concern of both the works' management and the constructor was to resolve this problem in a technically appropriate way, avoiding if possible the handling on site of channels and slots.

The ULMA technical department, after studying the project, proposed a special cross-shaped piece for the channel and another for the slot. This proposal was hydraulically more efficient, with an appropriate shoulder between pieces, improving the finish and simplifying the works in terms of cost and completion.

With an inverted “T-” shape, the grooved slot stands out for its appearance and it is a system which integrates perfectly into the flooring (whether concrete, cobble or slab) and it achieves total mimetization in the urban escape. Integral, adaptable to different channel models and available in a galvanised and stainless steel finish, it is ideal for urban environments.

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